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CC Cycle 2 SPRING Lessons

Weeks 13-18 are ready to download for just $3 each. Weeks 19-23 are coming soon!

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FREE!  Cycle 2 Week 13 lesson: Spoon bells & "singing" wineglass

 Cycle 2 Week 14 lesson: Cool conductors & tense pepper

 Cycle 2 Week 15 lesson: Carol of the bottles

 Cycle 2 Week 16 lesson: Rollin' around & free falling

 Cycle 2 Week 17 lesson: Energy conservation & holding steady

 Cycle 2 Week 18 lesson: Somethin' screwy & inclined planes

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CC Cycle 2 Fall Lessons

Get 11 lesson plans and full-year material list for just $27

FREE Cycle 2 Week 1 lesson: Made in the Shade & Round-and-Round We Go

Lesson plans are also available as single-week downloads for $3 each.

Cycle 2 Week 2 lesson: Lenses & Distortion and Bending Light

Cycle 2 Week 3 lesson: Saturn's Rings

Cycle 2 Week 4 lesson: Running in Circles

Cycle 2 Week 5 lesson: Our Expanding Universe and All About Orbits

Cycle 2 Week 6 lesson: Eclipses and Atmospheres

Cycle 2 Week 7 lesson: Fun in the Sun(prints)

Cycle 2 Week 8 lesson: Outdoor Proportional Solar System

Cycle 2 Week 9 lesson: Up, Up, and Away!

Week 10--Community clean-up day; no science activities.

Cycle 2 Week 11 lesson: Planetary Presentations

Cycle 2 Week 12 lesson: Connecting the Dots (Constellations)

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NOTE: Cornerstone's CC lessons are supplemental to the activities and instructions found in the 5th edition of the Foundations Guidebook. They contain additional activities, discussions, and explanations for each week's science activity. They are not a substitute for the Foundations Guidebook.