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CC Cycle 2 Fall Lessons will be posted in late JUNE

We'll announce their availability as soon as they are ready through our Geo-Bytes mailing list (email us to join) and on our Facebook Page.

CC Cycle 1 Spring Lessons

Get ALL TWELVE LESSONS as a bundled Spring set for just $30 (that $6 off). You'll also get our weekly Materials List and an electronic copy of our Geology Test Kit instructions for FREE! Individual lessons ($3 each) are listed below.

Use our lesson plans to make the most of your science time and your Cycle 1 materials.

Spring Bundle:

NOTE: A link to your lessons will be sent to you by SendOwl.com. Check your spam/junk folder if you don't see it in your inbox. Cornerstone's CC lessons are complimentary to the activities and instructions found in the 5th edition of the Foundations Curriculum. They contain activities, discussions, and explanations for each week's science activity. They are not a substitute for the Foundations Curriculum.

We have three FREE downloads for Cycle 1 Spring Science. These are included in the Spring Bundle, or available separately here:

1) Cornerstone's Materials List for Cycle 1 Spring

2) The instruction sheet for Cornerstone's Geology Testing Kit (just in case you need it)

3) Cycle 1 Week 13 Lesson plan: "Tilt" and "Placer Deposit"

Individual Cycle 1 Spring lesson plans are $3 each when purchased separately (below), or $30 for all 12 in the Spring Bundle above.

Cycle 1 Week 14: Streak Test and Core Sample

Cycle 1 Week 15: Fossil Casts and Molds

Cycle 1 Week 16: Rock Stresses and Igneous Intrusions

Cycle 1 Week 17: Stone Arches and Natural Bridges

Cycle 1 Week 18: Observing Air Pressure

Cycle 1 Week 19: Building Minerals

Cycle 1 Week 20: Crust, Mantle, & Core

Cycle 1 Week 21: Marvelous Minerals, Part 1

Cycle 1 Week 22: Marvelous Minerals, Part 2

Cycle 1 Week 23: All About Rocks

Cycle 1 Week 24: Compass Walk

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