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FREE!  Cycle 3 Week 13 lesson: Where did it go?
We've all learned that 1+1=2, and we can demonstrate that with an exploration of liquids and volumes. But sometimes 1+1=something unexpected...

FREE!  Cycle 3 Week 14 lesson: Discovering Displacement
Over 2,200 years ago a brilliant mathematician was asked to solve a riddle for his king. Along the way, he made an important discovery about what happens when two things try to occupy the same space.

More lessons for week 15-18 are coming up soon...

CC Cycle 3 FALL Bundle and individual lessons

the Bundle Includes Week 1-12 lessons, Materials List, and Anatomy Sticker Package Key. 
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  FREE! Cycle 3 Materials List (follows Cornerstone's Lesson Plans)

A list of everything a class will need when using our lesson plans to conduct the experiments proscribed in the 5th edition Foundations Curriculum for Classical Conversations

 FREE!  Cycle 3 Week 1 lesson: Your Eyes Can Trick You

Our eyes are amazingly designed to help us perceive the world around us. But be careful! Sometimes things aren’t really as they appear...

  FREE!  Anatomy Sticker Package Teacher Key

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CC Cycle 3 Individual Fall Lessons--$3 each

  Cycle 3 Week 2 lesson: Water Lenses

Water is and amazing substance, and can do all kinds of things. In this pair of activities, you’ll make two simple magnifying lenses from water, and learn why water can do this. Then you’ll learn how two parts of our eyes, the cornea and the lens, help you see both near and far!

  Cycle 3 Week 3 lesson: Fingerprints

God makes each of us different, that’s for sure! From the color of our skin, hair, and eyes to the shapes of our face and the size of our bodies. But look closer and you’ll find that even in the little details, we are each unique creations.

  Cycle 3 Week 4 lesson: Every Breath You Take

Your lungs are part of the respiratory system, and they can do some amazing things. In this experiment you’ll measure your lung capacity, which is how much air your lungs can move in a single breath.

  Cycle 3 Week 5 lesson: Scritchy Scratchy

In the first experiment, you’ll learn how God made your skin to protect your body from damage. And to do that, He came up with a fascinating design that always makes more skin cells to replace the ones that are lost or damaged. In the second experiment, you’ll discover that you’ve got a well-designed sense of hearing. It’s directional!

  Cycle 3 Week 6 lesson: An Ear for Dizziness

Spinning round and round is fun, and makes us feel dizzy. In this activity, we’ll find out why dizziness is really all in your ear!

NOTE: Weeks 7-12 incorporate your work with the My Body book plus our Anatomy Sticker Package and/or Anatomy models.

  Cycle 3 Week 7 lesson: Anatomy 1 w/ Cardiovascular & Urinary Systems

In this activity students will learn about the cardiovascular system, including the heart, blood vessels, and blood, and the urinary system that filters the blood and removes wastes.

  Cycle 3 Week 8 lesson: Anatomy 2 w/ Nervous System
In this activity students will learn about the major parts of the nervous systems and how signals are sent from the nervous system to control all the other systems in the body

  Cycle 3 Week 9 lesson: Anatomy 3 w/ Digestive System

In this activity students will learn about the digestive system, its parts, and their functions.

  Cycle 3 Week 10 lesson: Anatomy 4 w/ Respiratory System

In this activity students will learn about the respiratory system that supplies our bodies with oxygen and removes carbon dioxide.

 Cycle 3 Week 11 lesson: Anatomy 5 w/ Special Senses

In this activity students will learn about the special senses of hearing, vision, taste, and smell and continue with our bones and muscles.

  Cycle 3 Week 12 lesson: Anatomy 6 w/ Skin, Muscles, & Bone

In this activity students will learn about the skin that covers the body, the bones that support it, and the muscles that help it move.

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Cornerstone's CC lessons are supplemental to the activities and instructions found in the 5th edition of the Foundations Curriculum. They contain additional activities, discussions, and explanations for each week's science activity. They are not a substitute for the Foundations Curriculum.