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 Engaging, fun, and hands-on


From mass and measurements to observations and optics, this supply kit for Journey Homeschool Academy's Discover Physics contains the equipment needed to complete the activities for the first semester of the course. Additional materials will be made available and announced by Journey later in the year. 

Kit contents

  • Double convex lens, 150mm focal length
  • Double convex lens, 50mm focal length
  • Optical bench hardware (supports, screen holder, lens holder, candle holder, candle)
  • Kitchen scale
  • Partial immersion thermometer
  • BBs (200g)
  • 250ml glass beaker
  • Beaker tongs
  • Hall's carriage / dynamics cart (x2)
  • 1-inch steel ball
  • Friction board kit (board with 4 different surfaces, two wooden blocks, and hooks)
  • Spring scales, 5N / 500g (x2)
  • Hooked weight set (500g, 200g, 100g, 50g)
  • Support stand / retort stand
  • Ring support
  • Balloon