About Us

     As a creationist and educator, Dr. Marcus Ross discovered a need for educational materials to help students understand our world from a biblical young-Earth perspective. So he founded Cornerstone Educational Supply to bring his experience as an educator, paleontologist and leading young-Earth creationist to each kit, explaining the geological materials and features of the Earth and putting them in the context of events like Creation Week and Noah's Flood. Every kit includes hand-picked samples chosen as excellent representatives of the many important rocks, minerals, and fossils of our world.

     At Cornerstone, we believe in providing you with great materials for hands-on learning. Plus, we support our kits with truly understandable descriptions and tools for age-appropriate learning, because science is most fun when we “get it”! Our goal is to help you better understand the world around you, so that you will have a deeper appreciation of the awesome work of our great Creator!