• Classical Conversations Cycle 1 Rock & Mineral Pack (with lessons!)

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    ATTENTION CC DIRECTORS! Get a great deal on the materials you need for Cycle 1 weeks 21-23.


    This set has all the materials you need to supply one Foundations or Essentials class for the Cycle 1 mineral and rock experiments (3 weeks of activities). Each set contains:


    1 Deluxe Mineral Kit

    1 Introductory Rock Kit

    2 Geology Testing Kits

    PLUS, you get THREE CC-customized lesson plans with easy-to-follow instructions for tutors to set up and conduct three weeks of experiments: minerals in weeks 21 and 22 and rocks in week 23. No more worries about what or how you will teach about geology!


    We recommend purchasing one set for each class that will be conducting experiments at the same time in the same room. So if there are two classes working simultaneously, you will need to purchase two CC packs. If classes are coming in one-at-a-time, then one CC pack is all you need.

    NOTE: Our lessons include one experiment on density in Week 21 which will require you to purchase a 100-ml graduated cylinder and scale (such as a kitchen scale for weighing ingredients). We currently do not carry graduated cylinders, but they are available from many other online retailers.

    For take-home fun for your students, add in our 8-packs of CC Mineral Bags and CC Rock Bags.

    What CC Directors are saying about the Cycle 1 Rock and Mineral Pack:

    The quality is amazing, the lesson suggestions are fun, easy and do-able with my little abecedarians and challenging enough for the masters class. You will not be disappointed.


    I am so impressed with with the quality/presentation/insight that makes this kit a must for our community...so much so I will be highly recommending it to the other directors in our area!