CC Cycle 1 Rock and Mineral Lesson Plans (+ bonus time scales)

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These three lessons are included in the CC Cycle 1 Rock and Mineral Pack (link), and now they are available separately to use with your own mineral sets. No matter what rock and mineral sets you use, these lessons will walk you through some great basic tests and experiments to learn more about God's wonderful creation. Plus, we've included three of our Biblical Geologic Time scales for your tutor's use with one of the optional post-lab activities.

After checkout, this lesson will be sent to your email address as a pdf within 24 hours. The full-color bonus time scales are on a glossy card stock and will be mailed right away.

NOTE: You will need testing materials in order to use these lessons. We suggest having two (2) sets like Cornerstone's Geology Testing Kit, containing streak plates, glass tiles, dropper bottles, etc. for each class that doing the experiments simultaneously.

Each weekly lab features:

    * A pre-lab page with clear instructions for setting up 3 learning stations

    * 2 pages of lab activities for the 3 stations and optional post-lab activities

    * 1 page of labels to cut out and place at the stations to help keep track of your materials

Weekly lab topics:

    * Week 21 (Minerals I): Crystal form, cleavage vs. fracture, density

    * Week 22 (Minerals II): Color and luster, hardness and streak, unusual properties

    * Week 23 (Rocks): Rocks are made of minerals, three groups of rocks, rocks are important to people