CC C2 Week 6 lessons

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CC Cycle 2, Week 6 is about magnetism using our week 6 materials (link): iron filings and 4 magnets. You'll need a few other around-the-house items (like paper plates, vinegar, and a spray bottle) to complete your setup for this fun and informative activity.

Our "Seeing the Invisible" lesson will work with any magnet you choose to use for this experiment. The lesson is a full 7 pages long, with the following sections:

  • Items needed
  • Time to complete
  • Pre-activity info for directors and tutors
  • Tutor demonstration and discussion
  • Three fun student activities, plus optional ones for extra time or if you like some better than others
  • Plus helpful diagrams to help you plan and understand what you are seeing!

All this with Cornerstone's clear and understandable discussions and emphasis on God's greatness as our Creator!

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