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Our Spring Bundle has lessons for ALL the Cycle 2 Foundations/Essentials Science Activities

A great deal that you can share with all the tutors in your community.

CC C2 SPRING BUNDLE LESSON PLANS--$24 for all activities

Below are the weekly CC lesson plans a-la-carte. Just $3 each!

You can start with our FREE lesson for Classical Conversations, Cycle 2, Week 13:

Week 13--Spoon Bells & Singing Wineglass (FREE)

    Example Page:

Week 14--Cool Conductors &Tense Pepper

Week 15--Carol of the Bottles

Week 16--Rollin' Around & Free Falling

Week 17--Energy Conversion & Holding Steady

Week 18--Somethin' Screwy & Inclined Planes

Week 19--Paper Airplanes

Week 20-21--Straw Bridge

Week 22-23--Egg Protector

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